The teacher had to give up his dog for some reasons, but luckily, it ended well

Difficult decision, good ending!

When a kind man, who is also a teacher, found a 4 months old stray dog on the street in New Orleans, he immediately took the animal in. But he had a big problem: his landlord didn’t allow him to keep a pet at home, so the man had to give up the dog and find another home for him.

The story of the poor puppy was shared on social media and the users were informed that the dog needed a forever home, because his owner couldn’t keep him anymore for some reasons.

In this way the cute animal would find a loving family more quickly, and the teacher was sure that it would be better for him.

A rescue centre decided to take the dog in until he would be adopted by a forever home. The man said the last goodbye to his beloved pet and the scene was very touching.
The poor dog was really devoted to his owner and he didn’t want to be separated from him.

The rescue team named him Scholar in honour of the kindhearted teacher who looked after him perfectly.

The funny animal became the staff’s inseparable friend and began to amuse everyone around him with his presence. He got much love and care from them and started to enjoy his life under the strong care of the kind people.

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