A poor kitten quickly recovered her vigour under her foster mother’s supervision

An adorable tale showing sweet relationships between a foster mother and a leftover kitten

A small, newborn sphinx was taken to the California facility. The owners of the kitten, that was named Lavender told, that the kitten’s mother didn’t want to look after her babies.

The shelter staff started bottle feeding, but they knew the only way was his mother’s care. And after six days a cat named Arina, which was transferred from another shelter started showing an interest in Lavender.

She was a mother and already had kittens. But as the kitten’s mother had left her she was happy to look after Lavender. The cat started to feel love and looked after the kitten as if she were her own.

The director of the shelter told, that Arina promised to give not only breast milk to the kitten, but also her love.

Lavender quickly regained her vigour under the care of her foster mother.

When the vets have finished their examination of Lavender’s health, all the family will start seeking for a new loving home. What an adorable story.

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