An awesome pit bull, who demonstrated this breed can be faithful, relaxed and gentle

A sweet puppy showing he can be a perfect puppy 

Every puppy desires to have a loving home and caring owners, but unfortunately not all of them get what they want. A sweet pit bull named Ronnie was seen persuading potential owners, that he would be the best pet in an animal shelter.

Ronnie captures the blanket in his mouth and tries to prepare his bed, as if trying to make an impression on his friends, that he is very domestic. And when the shelter published the puppy’s video on the Internet the couple fell in love with him.

And also Ronnie was happy seeing the couple and wagged his tail. They told, that it was hard for them to take a new dog after their precious one passed away.

When the puppy was seen, they knew they want to make him happy. This pit bull is a perfect example of how this breed can be trustful, calm and gentle. Happily now the puppy is overjoyed and lives in a caring home.

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