An interesting idea for cat lovers, who also liked sleeping

A kind retired man, who discovered the best way of helping animals

Who doesn’t like to sleep well at night? People adore hugs and also cats. Everyone should read this adorable novel, who like relaxing and hugging cats, but didn’t know how to mix these two things.

An old retired man named Terrey is known to adore cats and likes to sleep a lot throughout the day. Besides everything he is a very generous, loving man, who adores assisting animals.

Once he came to the shelter with a brush and asked to play with the cats. He just entered and started grooming our cat.

The founder of the shelter told, that they told him, that he could work there. Terrey visits the shelter every day and stays for about three hours.

He looks after kittens day and night. And thanks to the shelter staff the story became well known on the Internet. Many people reacted positively. And all the donation will go to cat’s well being.

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