Many confuse this dog with a horse, and it is not surprising, because he is really enormous

What a huge dog!

Great Danes are known for their height, even some of them can reach to huge sizes. For example, our today’s hero, an eight years old dog named Thunder is so tall that many people confuse him with a horse.

Thunder is 153 cm and becomes 213 when he stands on his hind legs.

The cutie is quite famous on social media for his amazing appearance and always remains in the centre of everyone’s attention.

When Thunder goes for a walk with his owner, everyone thinks that he is a horse and gets confused when realises that he is a dog.

Although Thunder is enormous, he is very kind and friendly, even he is afraid of little dogs. He loves to make new companions with others and entertains everyone around him.

The cutie doesn’t know how big he is, so he enjoys to have a rest on his owner’s knees. Poor woman!

Thunder is very lucky to have such a loving owner, who takes care of him perfectly and provides him with much love and care.

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