“Simply incredible”: This creative couple built a house out of window frames in the wilderness

Partners built a unique house out of window frames in the depths of the forest

Today’s heroes are very creative and artistic partners named Nike and Lily. Three years ago, the couple went travelling across the Western Virginia. Nike is a profession

nal and talented photographer. The pair was so in delight with the surroundings in the forest that they determined to build a house in the nature.

Most interestingly, the couple decided to build the unique house out of window frames.

They visited their families and friends asking for useless window frames they required for building the house. As a result, Nike and Lily spent about 500 dollars.

The whole process lasted about half a year but, of course, due to their loyal friends’ precious help. As Lily is an experienced designer, she effortlessly planned the interior of the house.

The unique place is located in the wilderness so it is rather dangerous here at nights.

But Nick easily solved that problem adopting two dogs who would protect the house from unwelcome guests.

In the evenings, the owners light many candles and declare that there is no better place to live in the entire world.

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