A racсoon and a deer became inseparable and they never get tired of each other

Amazing friendship between a raccoon and a deer living in the sanctuary 

Last year the sanctuary received a call about a small raccoon in trouble. The mother left the baby raccoon when he was just three weeks old. He was discovered outside in the pouring rain.

Melania transported the raccoon she had adopted to an institution, that specializes in saving deer. And Jolly survived thanks to love and care and he immediately bonded with a deer. The raccoon often visited the Hippo fawn. Hippo was also found in the street as Jolly.

And over time these two adorable animals made a strong friendship, which is appreciated not only by the staff, but also by many Internet users. Jolly and Hippo are always together and they never get tired of one another, and they never part even at night.

Hippo visits Jolly in the evening and snoozes close to him. Their friendship is adorable. Melanie told, that they never stop appreciating and are happy for them. What an adorable friendship between two species. What’s your opinion?

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