When the dog sleeps, his feline friend is ready to give him lots of cuddles. That’s so cute!  

What a loving relationship!

You have probably come across amazing photos and videos of dogs and cats on social media. Watching interesting scenes of their friendship is really amusing.

Here we present to you such a funny sight of a relationship between a dog and a cat, which is an Internet sensation and users’ favourite.

There’s a misconception that cats and dogs never get along, but after looking at these adorable photos, you’ll change your opinion.

When the dog sleeps, the catty comes to give him cuddles. It seems that he impatiently waits for that moment and takes the chance to express his big love towards his canine friend.

When the scene was shared on social media, a great number of people reacted to it at once, writing many nice comments to this wonderful couple.

They are so happy with their beloved owner who provide them with everything they need.

The network is the best way to show such cute creatures to humans in order to make them change their negative opinions about dog-cat relationship.

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