A Touching Rescue Story; the Fox Mom Returned to Take Its Baby Back

On April 6, in the small town of Arlington, an American family started the morning with an insistent squeak. It turned out that the sounds were made by a baby fox, which was completely alone in their area.

The family called the Arlington League for the Protection of Animals in Virginia. As a rule, specialists from the League are just involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of wild animals which are in trouble. People assumed that a healthy animal would not come to a person with such a plaintive squeak.

But the workers refused to take the baby because it was healthy and looked pretty good. And it was dangerous to touch it because the mother could not recognize the baby if it smells a human being. It was decided to put the puppy in a basket, from which the fox mom could pick its baby up. The family, worried about the fate of the baby and they began to wait.

And everything was not in vain! The specialists were not mistaken, and the female returned to take its baby back at night. This adorable rescue story has been shared by the animal welfare service on many social networks. A history which was created just in 12 hours!

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