The owner brought in a helpless kitten, not expecting such behavior from her dog

Different in sizes, but with the same character!

When a woman found a stray kitten abandoned in a box on the street, she hurried to bring him in. Although there was another pet at home and the woman was afraid of their meeting, she couldn’t leave the poor creature alone on the street.

Surprisingly, Norm, the family dog, who is much bigger in size, welcomed the baby with happiness and began to take care of him as his own baby.

Because the kitten was newborn, he needed much care and support from humans. At first he must pass through some medical examination.

Norm supported him to overcome all the difficulties and gave him much love and attention. He never left his little friend’s side and protected him from any danger.

Unfortunately, the woman couldn’t keep the catty for some reasons, so she handed him to her friend, who wanted to adopt a cat.

Although the woman had to separate the best friends, she asked her friend to arrange frequent meetings between the animals, because their bond is really strong, and they cannot imagine their lives apart.

Separating such a loving couple would be a heartless step by the owners.

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