A kind dog, who shared her cherished blanket with a homeless dog in order to keep him warm

The compassionate puppy, who helped stray animals by giving them her blanket 

Dogs are very loving and helpful animals, who are always eager to assist anyone in need. And today’s hero is a rescue puppy named Laya, who amazed her adoptive owners with her kind deed.

Laya lived on the streets for eight months before being adopted by a kind couple. She gave them a lot of love, attention and affection in addition to a cozy, warm and safe environment.

So she became a cherished puppy as a result. Laya immediately fell in love with her new owners Suzy and her husband. Although the owners gave her a lot of love and affection, she still slept outside.

And when it became colder, Suzy gave a thick and warm blanket to Laya in order to keep her warm. And this comfortable blanket became Laya’s beloved thing and she adored playing and taking naps on it.

And one day Suzy’s husband saw something incredible while going to work. Laya shared her beloved blanket with a homeless dog to keep him warm. Laya’s owners were amazed by the amazing action of the dog.

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