«David 14 years later»: Madonna’s heroic act of adopting a helpless child from Malawi 14 years ago was highly praised by everyone

Madonna adopted a little boy from Malawi 14 years ago: Here is David now

Today’s one of the legendary, most talented and overall-recognized singer Madonna’s heroic and praiseworthy act of adopting a poor little child from Malawi didn’t let anyone remain indifferent.

The iconic performer named the baby boy David who grew up becoming the best friend of his kind-hearted mother.

It is relevant to mention that the well-known singer has a grown-up heiress and son as well as three more adopted kids. She loves all her children equally and unconditionally without singling them out.

Shortly after the adoption process, David became a member of their family without whom they already couldn’t imagine their life.

Currently, the boy lives in Portugal together with his mother who, so as to always be by his side, bought a house there and rushed to move.

David is already a teenager and is good at various things having passion for taking up sports and being a member of a local football team.

He takes a great interest in music as well and is truly a creative and artistic personality.

He is in a good relationship with his siblings and now lives with Madonna.

It is hard to imagine a teenager more intelligent, kind-hearted and reliable than he is.

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