Kind people helped disabled animals using a little creativity

A humanitarian organisation, which gave an abandoned lamb a second chance 

Disabled animals might consider the life hard, as they might find it hard to move about on their own. But happily there are kind people ready to assist such animals using a little creativity to give these animals the freedom they want.

A humanitarian organisation gave the disabled lamb a well made wheelchair to assist her survive. Kicki had some difficulties to survive when her mother abandoned her after birth on a farm. She was in a very bad state, she was malnourished and couldn’t walk as lambs depend on their mothers a lot.

Happily the organisation adopted the lamb and promised to give her another chance. Although the lamb got a lot of care and support, the rescuers understood, that she wouldn’t feel comfortable until she would be able to stand on her own.

It was said, that she spent most of her time laying down on one side of her body, which caused a lot of sores because of the pressure.

And happily the organisation could assist her by giving her an equipment. It’s an enormous step for her to be able to stand on her own. The rescuers were absolutely overjoyed for the lamb’s progress, although her rehabilitation would take a lot of time.


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