«Did anyone call for an icon?»: The magnificent look of Bosworth in swimwear delighted the whole world

Bosworth appeared in swimwear for Vogue and won men’s hearts with her charm 🤗😍

K. Bosworth may serve as a prime example of what a real hottie looks like. She elegantly demonstrated her toned and stunning body in swimwear and pleasantly surprised the fans. She is best remembered for her role in the film «Blue Crush».

Afterward, she started working with the company ROXY on a collection for the sake of honoring the film.

«I had never touched a surfboard until I auditioned for the movie. But because we experienced many of the same things, I felt a great connection to the character», admitted the iconic star.

«I felt like I had finally come full circle with all of those things and was finally able to find this centered alignment in myself», she explained.

Her photos from the beach where she took attractive poses let no single one remain indifferent. She looked literally amazing and definitely outshone most of today’s stars with her unearthly charm.

She captioned the photos «Some summer moments» and «Staying healthy, happy and fit». Though she is no longer Anne Marie Chadwick, her unreal beauty and attractiveness are impossible to resist.

Who would ever question her beauty? Of course, no one!

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