A popular dog, who attracted a lot of people and made them fell in love with her

A sweet dog, who had a unique appearance and attracted a lot of people

This dog is named Bali and she was born with a disease which caused her eyes to constantly lengthen, her eyebrows stand up and the skin on her head be very tight.

Despite all of this Bali has a lot of followers on the Internet. The owner told, that Bali’s condition isn’t very distressing. But the woman must use certain medications to dampen the dog’s eyes.

The dog behaves like a usual dog and is almost in perfect health. She adores playing, walking, following her owner and other things. Bali is a loyal and sometimes goofy dog. The owner told, that if dogs could laugh, she would surely laugh the loudest.

The owner took Bali from the shelter when she was a puppy and only recently she opened a TikTok account for her and start sharing funny videos with her adorable pet.

Her most popular videos gained almost thousands of comments and almost 25 million views. Bali, who is always amazed made everyone smile and adore her.

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