Viewers were touched by the scene of a child taking care of the pets, while they were sleeping

The sight is so exciting!

It comes from the past, that dogs and children can become friends for life and build a strong bond. Dogs are very attentive towards babies, and sometimes they get the same attitude towards them.

In some cases, children can be very caring towards their pets and can behave like a big sister or a mother.

Meet our today’s little hero, who was once captured taking care about her dog and the puppies at night, while they were having a nap.

At first the little human approached the bed, then began to pet the animals and in the end strongly hugged them.

When the scene was shared on social media, it captured everyone’s attention and many people got excited by her cute action.

The caring child got thousands of comments and likes and became everyone’s favourite.

It’s so nice to see how children behave animals making our world a better place.

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