A sweet langur was born, which delighted all the zoo staff

Humans should do everything to help endangered animals

These species of monkeys are medium sized primates, that like the cliffs and caves of tropical regions. And a unique species called langurs may be discovered in warm nations. It shouldn’t be surprising, that delivering a baby id such an adorable thing.

The zoo was happy to announce the birth of new langurs. And the happy parents of the baby named Lucky were Miu-Miu and Chestnut. She was very tiny and cute. But the zoo soon saw, that Miu-Miu isn’t happy for raising its child.

They told it was usual, but the baby’s health may be affected. Vets took the baby to the hospital to wash it. And they also fed her there to make sure she got the appropriate nutrition.

The vet staff then introduced Miu-Miu to Lucky, so they could become friends. And after that she was introduced with Chestnut. Many groups organised support facilities for these animals.

They consider to breed more langurs in order to preserve them. As humans we must do everything to help endangered animals.


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