«Just not an unkempt look, please!»: Meghan Markle caused stir with her open legs under the wrinkled shorts

From unkempt appearance in wrinkled shorts, it’s not clear that Meghan is the wife of a prince!💔😬At the same it’s an opportunity to see her slender legs in everyday life🧐🙄

41-year-old Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle was accidentally seen with her husband on an ordinary day with slightly wrinkled clothes. This shot certainly surprised the entire Internet․

Paparazzi shared rare photos of Meghan wearing a white shirt and short shorts. She completed her look with a hat which really suits her.

They began to hotly discuss it on the Internet․ Many praised her sense of style and elegance, while others expressed their dissatisfaction with her choice․ For them, Meghan does not adhere to traditional British norms, especially when she wears wrinkled shorts.

For some users, Meghan looked very beautiful and flawless; they supported the couple and were sure that she had a positive influence on Prince Harry.

What do you think of this look for Meghan? We are interested in your opinions, which you can share in the comments․

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