A puppy without a paw and a girl born handicapped linked strongly

An unusual friendship between two special friends 

Breeders offered to put the puppy to sleep, which was born without a paw, but the dog’s owner refused.

Instead she considered to give the animal a loving home and a lot of happiness. She considered, that a wounded soldier or a special youngster would benefit much from the puppy. The mother learned about a girl born without legs.

The woman also learned, that the girl was in a hospital. The woman contacted the girl’s parents and they eagerly liked the woman’s idea and told, that the girl and the dog would become friends.

The little girl looked at the puppy when the mother first showed the dog’s picture to her daughter. Then she told, that when the puppy and the girl met in real life they became best friends.

The girl’s father watched with happiness when his daughter was playing with the puppy and threw him a toy. The dog received a loving family and home and the girl got a new friend.


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