A lucky man, who wakes up every morning to a sweet hug from his best friend lioness

An adorable friendship of a man with a wild lioness, who seemed to be a household cat

This guy is very fortunate as he wakes up every morning to a sweet hug from his bug and  adorable lioness friend.

A man named Vilon Gunter posted a video on his Facebook page showing his friend’s adorable hug in the morning. His video immediately became pop and swept over the Internet.

It is an unusual thing to see such an adorable relationship between a human and a wild animal.

The man told, that the lioness named Sira is very sweet, peaceful and generous and her beloved activity is hugging. She also adores rubbing her head and now she resembles a household cat.

The man also gold, that he considers Sira is a perfect peacemaker and he thinks she would always behave like this. They first met in 2013 when Sira was only a few months old and was the only survivor of her mother’s abandonment at birth. She first appeared in the Botswana reserve with the help of Vilon, and their friendship started like this.

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