This Woman Has a Friend Who Spent Her Entire Childhood, Her Student Life And Even Moved to Her Husband’s House With Them and What’s Surprising He Is a Turtle

“A friend will never leave you in trouble ams will never ask too much questions when you are in a bad mood.”- this is what a true faithful friend means. Jeanne who is from the USA was lucky because she has such a loyal friend and what’s more interesting os the fact that this is a turtle.

In 1962 the girl named Jeanne was 10 years old and she celebrated her little birthday at the Milwaukee County Zoo where her dad’s friend was working as a director. It was he who gave the girl an unusual gift – a gopher turtle whom Jeanne named George. Now Jeanne is 65 years old and they are still together.

The woman has not parted with her turtle for 56 years.

Jeanne told K5 News that George is probably her oldest friend. She fell in love with the pet from the first day.

Jeanne fell in love with George from the first day she met the cutie and it happened when she was 10 years old.

On Christmas morning he always had strawberries and kiwi for breakfast and when I was a little girl and rode a bicycle he was always next to me in a basket.

Every summer Jeanne’s family went on vacation and they took of course took George the cutie with them. There he walked along the beach of Lake Michigan and everywhere followed his owners. Once Jeanne made herself and George bee costumes for Halloween and they went to collect candies in these crazy costumes.

When it came time to go to college Jeanne took her friend with her and he lived with her in a dorm room.

When the girl met her future husband Kirby Smith at the university he immediately realized that his future wife and the turtle were inseparable but there was no problem in that because the little creature also became attached to George.

He doesn’t sit on his knees, doesn’t listen ro your commands and you cannot take him out for a walk but he’s still a great petty.

By the way, George wasn’t the couple’s the only pet. The refrigerator in their home is adorned with the photographs of the five Labradors he survived.  Yes, unfortunately the canine age is shorter than the turtle age.

He survived 5 dogs and all the cuties barked at him more than once but George wasn’t also always a “good boy” and nearly ran away three times.

Yes it’s true. Even such a seemingly slow creature is capable of escaping from home. Actually George gave up with this habit and the last time the owners noticed this kind of behavior was in 1988. Then he made a tunnel under the fence and they found him under the foliage in the neighboring yard. And George has not gone anywhere for the last 30 years and calmly chews his salad in the kitchen of the Smith family every day.

It is worth noting that George is an unusual turtle. Animals of his species usually live in warm climates and their lifespan is 40-60 years if they live in the wild. But they can live at home for more than 100 years.

Jeanne has a suspicion that her friend will outlive her.

I have a daughter who has three children. When I’m gone, George will live with them. This is even stated in my will!

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