The adorable talent of a puppy mimicking human grins

A sweet puppy, who attracted his owner with his beautiful smile 

This sweet puppy was rescued from the streets of New York twelve years ago and he hasn’t stopped grinning since then. The puppy has an adorable ability of mimicking human grins.

The puppy’s owner named Jake immediately noticed the puppy’s talent. He saw it from their first meeting and brought the puppy into his car and placed next to him.

Jake saw a smile on his face and felt relaxed. He soon adjusted. The man didn’t want a pet, but after seeing his smile out of a vehicle window, he was so touched he considered to take him home.

Jake considers he had done everything right and there was nothing he could have done. He looked for his owners for two months, but it was unsuccessful. And after all he considered to adopt Billy as his pet.

And after many years spending with his owner Billy still thanks his owner with the same smile. The owner told, that the puppy grins and over time the smile became more enduring and recognised.

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