The missing cat, who was found in the same place after ten years

The cat went out of the car because of boredom and was lost 

The cat named Missky had an important role in Yeva’s life and therefore she was worried a lot for her disappearance. In 2009 when Yeva went out of the car to go grocery shopping, her beloved cat disappeared.

But Missky just got bored and went out of the car into the street. She was stressed because she wasn’t able to locate her pet and couldn’t imagine her life without her.

She waited for the cat to come back on its own, but after understanding it was useless she started her search. And she was able to locate the cat only after ten years. The cat was separated from her home by 11 kilometres.

Missky was found in the same place after ten years and the rescue organisation called the woman to inform her. She was discovered by a woman named Anne Hawks. The vet saw an implanted microchip in her and they quickly called the owner.

Yeva was absolutely happy to find her cat since she hadn’t forgotten about her. The cat has reached the respectable age of 16 years and is in her golden years.

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