A stray dog, who will enjoy a comfortable and happy life until the end

A stray puppy, who got a big chance 

This dog lived as a stray all his life and never had owners. Happily the Tv personality named Ricky Kanakka learned about the puppy. He took the dog named Eddie to a dog program to make him happy.

They must go shopping, everything was organised. The dog choses everything to buy with his nose. Eddie got the real big chance once in his life.

Then they continued to walk along the trade floors. Eddie immediately understood it and started to act. Sadly there were times when the TV host was caught lying.

Eddie liked the live hamster, but it wasn’t bought. But they gave him a home and a family. The woman was happy seeing Eddie, as she always wanted to have a dog. There were many different feelings when new friends first saw one another.

The dog immediately recognised her as an owner. The host considered the dog’s fortune and it was amazing. Now the puppy has a happy and comfortable life, that he enjoys.

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