The sweet gorilla mother introduced her young to the visitors

An adorable maternal bond between animals and  humans 

One day a mother took her small baby to the zoo. And when the mother gorilla saw the baby she considered to bering her own baby to introduce with the little one. And it showed once more that maternal bonding is an adorable thing.

The meeting was captured, shared on the Internet and immediately became well known. The mother of the baby named Emma was perplexed. And also her husband was able to capture it.

And when they were visiting the zoo the same gorilla named Kioki came to the married couple and their little baby, who was just five months old. The baby’s mother told, that she just stood behind them, waved her hand and looked at the boy for five minutes.

And after some time the mother finally understood what the monkey was doing when the mother raised her baby named Palo to show her. Besides Palo the mother also had four additional girls. Although Emma’s baby slept through the whole time she still returned to see the gorilla and her baby.

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