«Cellulite on thighs and rounded belly!»: The paparazzi photos of Hadid without retouching caused mixed reactions

Does she really deserve the title «the most beautiful woman»? Paparazzi photos👀😱

According to a number of experts, the facial features of this highly-paid and enormously successful model let her be called the most beautiful woman on Earth. However, far not everyone thinks so being quick to criticize her every now and then.

It is no secret that the slender figure of B. Hadid never ceases to be the center of attention too. According to the majority of people, she has a beautiful body and even the most unsuccessfully chosen outfits suit her perfectly.

The recent paparazzi shots of the runway star quickly became the topic of discussions. She was dressed in a floral-print top and mini shorts which revealed the cellulite on her thighs. Her noticeably rounded belly wasn’t unnoticed too.

Though many call her perfect and a role model for every girl, the others fail to see anything beautiful and attractive in this model. What do you think?

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