A stray kitty trusted the man and gained confidence every day

An adorable kitty, who was adopted by a kind man, that fed him every day 

A man named Brandon works at a TV studio the night shift. He and others working at the studio began following a homeless cat with two little kittens living in the parking lot.

When they went leaving just the second kitten, the cat and its two kittens were whirling close to the building. People began to feed her as she wandered there. And also Brandon Mikino also started bringing the cat food.

And as the man started to visit him more frequently the kitty began to trust him and allowed him come closer. At that time Brandon had already started to adore Mono.

And after that he considered how to catch the kitty and bring it home. Everything was unusual and odd in the new place for Mono. Brandon didn’t discomfort her as he knew the kitty would need time to get used to the new surroundings, but instead allowed her to decide what to do next.

And just after a few days Mono slowly became used to his new surroundings and began to come out from beneath the nightstand and explore the rooms. And day by day he became more self confident.


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