The dog enjoys the last snow by spending a long time on the snow pile in their yard  

It’s so hard for the dog to say goodbye to the snow 

This adorable puppy loves to play with the snow during whole winter and when it’s time to say goodbye to the season, his parents build a pile of snow in their backyard to give their pet a great opportunity to play with it one last time.

Although the doggy can play with it a bit longer, he gets very upset when realises that he has to say goodbye to it. In that way the owners want to show their big love towards their pet and that he plays an important role in their lives. They manage to make the doggy happy and satisfied. There is nothing better than feeling the breath of snow for the last time.

However, he enjoys his last few days with the snow and is so pleased that he feels it longer than the others.

The puppy spends the whole winter outside and is grateful to his owners for giving him such a great opportunity to play with it as much as he wants.

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