A dog mother, who became popular with her maternity photoshoot

Adorable photos were captured and people praised the photographer and the model

The dog named Kiki lived a short time with a woman named Cara Schmidt, as she needed specialised care at the shelter. She was a sweet and adorable visitor and the woman was happy to have her.

Then the woman considered to organise a maternity photoshoot for the dog, just as people are doing.

Cara told, that she assured Kiki to give birth once again after delivering a litter of puppies.

The photos of the session were adorable and Kiki became popular with them. People praised Cara’s work and the adorable model.

The woman considered, that with the popularity of the photoshoot Kiki will soon find a forever home. The puppy is living in Cara’s house with nine newborn puppies.

When the babies are a little older the shelter staff will take the mother. Then they will try to find a home for the whole family.

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