Farmer found a calf frozen in the snow and came up with a wonderful idea to warm it up  

His idea really worked! 

There are many poor creatures in our world, who have to wander on the streets in search of food and somewhere to stay. But when the frozen winter comes, their lives become much worse.

Once, a farmer named Dean Gangwer spotted a defenseless calf frozen in the snow and saved it without hesitation.

He has a big farm with many animals. As it turned out later, one of his cows gave birth to that poor calf, but he was unaware of it.

The baby was in need because his whole body was frozen and he couldn’t move or even open his eyes.

At that time, the man came up with a great idea. He decided to put the animal in a warm bath. The idea worked and the calf’s body returned to its normal temperature.

Then he covered the calf with thick blankets and after a short time, he was ready to come back to the farm.

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