«Has been in love with his wife since he was 8»: This is how the absolutely adorable children of Jason Momoa and his wife look

No one can take their eyes off the adorable children of Aquaman and his wife

It is worth mentioning that well-known and one of the most brutal actors of Hollywood first met his wife on one TV sitcom when he still was an 8-year-old child. The future star promised himself to go and find her as soon as he became grown-up.

Momoa was more than sure that he found the biggest love of his life already at the age of 8 and, when becoming older, he managed to find Lisa Bonet, however unbelievable it might seem.

Since they first met in real life, the spouses have always been inseparable. Even the big age difference didn’t prevent them from creating a strong and exemplary family. They are even often called the most legendary couple in Hollywood.

It is relevant to add that Lisa is 12 years older than Aquaman. Regardless of all this, they had two absolutely adorable children and are still happy in their marital life.

Though there have recently been some hearsays claiming that the iconic spouses have split up, the fans have high hopes that this is not true.

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