These two majestic animals, a white tigress and a massive lion, sincerely fall in love and strongly refuse to leave each other even for a second

Mother nature never stops astonishing us revealing the weirdest and most adorable interspecies relationships one can imagine, yet this story reveals a massive lion falling for a gorgeous tigress, something that wouldn’t ever cross our minds.

This inseparable pair had gone through so many rough experiences during their lives. The wild animals were originally captivated at one of the zoos in New England, the purpose of which was to bred them and give birth to ligers, that is a combination of tigers and lions.

Mercifully, they were finally rescued in 2004. At that moment, the things seemed rather hard and challenging for them. This massive lion was nearly 200lbs underweight for his age and the white tiger suffered a serious genetic flaw. But now, due to the Big Cat Rescue organization, both face no threat and are completely safe. They managed to build a spacious natural enclosure for them as they seemed absolutely impossible to separate as partners.

However, an important decision was up to the rescuers. As the lion’s condition was getting worse day by day, they had to either neuter him or separate from the tiger. The choice was obvious.

Before long, they neutered him and he could peacefully spend the rest of his life next to his precious soulmate. Now the lion feels himself much more comfortable as the extra 15 pounds of fur around his neck was removed. You can learn all the details of the two adorable animal’s story below!

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