«A face of a mannequin!»: This is what years have done to one of the former runway icons Campbell

The fans were speechless to see supermodel Campbell’s face in close-up 😱😳

No one ever could stay indifferent towards this supermodel whose extraordinary beauty, attractiveness and professionalism delighted the entire world. She was a runway icon who built a drizzling career in modeling.

However, years, age and intervention of surgeries and beauty injections have already taken their toll. Recent photos of the former supermodel quickly became the subject of discussions.

It is quite apparent that she has done lots of things to keep her beauty and youthfulness over time. As a result, her face now looks like that of a mannequin.

However, her charisma and attractiveness still captivate everyone. Her great contribution to the big world of modeling can hardly be overestimated.

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