A puppy got so lucky, that he was able to get close to the horse

A horse and a puppy had their own Instagram page demonstrating their story

A puppy named Dilly and a little horse named Spinky immediately befriended. The horse started to live in a ranch and did all the trainer’s instructions.

It became clear, that only a few people could get close to the horse. But Dilly was lucky. Spinky doesn’t mind that she rides on her and also follows her orders.

The puppy and the horse are the ranch owner’s beloved animals and they often appear in her short videos.

And to show people their adorable friendship Francesca recently opened an Instagram account with their names.

The dog and the horse have been friends for the past eight years. The woman told, that it was very difficult at first as the horse was really unmanageable.

And Dilly just came to help. She climbed up the horse. And they were inseparable from that moment.

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