The curious fox wanted to get the snack out of the house

The adorable friendship between a fox and a kitty

The woman named Jennifer Rutter liked looking at animals through her window, but since February she had an amazing visitor. And the visitor was a little fox, who adores sunbathing on the ledge of her window. She was overjoyed for her adorable guest.

The woman is happy having such a visitor, as it is very sociable and calm. And also the fox often gives Jennifer gifts as a sign of gratitude.

Jennifer told, that the animals are the beloved ones of their neighborhood and she sees it every day. The children watch her from their room’s window.

No one tried to make friends with the fox and Rutter’s cat named Dodo considered befriending with the fox.

Dodo was in the house with her owner, when the fox came to their window. And the kitty considered making friends with the fox and started playing with it.

The woman and the kitty are waiting for for the fox to visit them more often.

Jennifer told, that the fox seemed to be sociable and playful, not frightening. It appeared the kitty had interrupted her and she considered paying some attention to the little kitty.

It’s adorable seeing a fox and the kitty making friends.

The fox and the kitten are best friends. Animals are in love with one another and it’s adorable.

Foxes are amusing animals, but if you want to be safe keep your kitty inside the house.

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