Despite having only two legs, these two brothers have full lives like other ordinary cats

Their disability never stops them from having a happy life

Meet these two little wonders, who are not only cute and attractive, but also brave and strong. They are brothers with the same defect. They were born with only two legs, but have full lives like other ordinary cats.

Despite being different from others, these beauties can walk easily on their front legs and with the help of their tales.

After discovering their strangeness, their owner posted a photo of them, hoping to find new owners. The answer was not late, as some volunteers from a shelter decided to support the cuties by themselves.

The kittens were brought to the shelter, where their lives changed at once. They became the staff’s beloved ones, because they spread joy and happiness around.

They are extremely friendly and loving. People both in real life and on social media are captured by their bravery and strong will.

They enjoy to run and walk, and even they manage to climb on chairs. They are always ready to learn new things which help them live easier.

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