After seeing that the goldfish wasn’t able to swim, the owner made a smart decision

Helping animals and taking care about them show our humanity

When the owner noticed that his nice golden fish couldn’t swim by herself he had a crazy idea. He made a temporary device with cork and some gauze. His idea helped the cutie swim again.

This illness is common among goldfish, due to which they become incapable of swimming. But there is no need to lose hope when such an unpleasant case happens. When there is a desire you must forget about the difficulties.

Thanks to this kindhearted man’s effort the little cutie was saved, and she didn’t have to stay at the bottom of the tank.

When the fish lost the use of her fins due to the illness the owner decided to make a unique fish-friendly life jacket in order to make the cutie enjoy swimming comfortably and easily with her friends.

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