«Who called her the world’s most beautiful woman?»: The natural look of model Bella Hadid became the subject of heated discussions

No one was ready to see supermodel Bella Hadid without makeup in a close-up photo

This successful, overall-recognized model and one of the iconic and most influential celebrities of today is often called «the most beautiful woman on Earth». However, there have been many objectives concerning this on social media.

The paparazzi were lucky enough to spot the 25-year-old supermodel without any cosmetics on, in sky-blue pants and a white crop top with a messy bun walking down the streets of Los Angeles. As it is seen, the model wasn’t ready to meet paparazzi.

«There are millions better than her», «I definitely wasn’t ready for this!», «This bun doesn’t really suit you», «Who called her the most beautiful woman in the world?».

«What an unreal beauty in front of us!», «She scared me off with her face», «This was the least expected thing», «Enough Internet for today».

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