The adorable dog enjoys flower scent and sniffs all of them

Dogs have better sense of smell, than humans

Dogs are known for their desire to smell everything. And this adorable puppy considers that flowers have the best scent. According to the owner the dog named Finny got the love for flowers when she was a small puppy.

The owner of the puppy Lily Smith told, that when Finny was a puppy, she enjoyed visiting her father’s garden. He was in love with the flowers. The dog just sat and sniffed them.

Even when he is indoors he can satisfy his desire for flowers. He jumps onto the tabled holding the flowers to sniff them.

He also likes artificial flowers. But there’s one thing Finny likes more than flowers: his owners. He enjoys sleeping in the same bed as his father, who is wrapped up under his blanket and follows his mother everywhere.

Finny always takes the chance to stick his head out of the cart and sniff the fake flower racks, when Lily and he go shopping. His beloved flower is a pancy.

Although these blossoms can be eaten, Finny doesn’t even think of doing this.

Dogs have a sense of smell, which is 150000 times greater and more sensitive than humans. We can only imagine what smells these flowers have for them.

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