The miserable little kitten was transformed into a gorgeous cat and got the life she deserved

It’s incredible, but she is really the same catty!

When this tiny kitten was discovered in the bushes by some people, she was in a terrible condition. The only thing the rescuers could do was taking him with them.

At that time the kitten was only a few weeks old, but the family was unable to find her mother or siblings, so they hurried to take her home.

The first step was taking her to a vet, because she had some health problems. It was predicted that she had been abandoned by her previous owners or by her own mother.

The new owners named her Melon and provided her with much love and care. Although Melon was tiny and weak, she overcame all the difficulties and became completely different.

Two years have passed and the catty continues to enjoy her life surrounded by loving people. Now she looks so pretty, and it’s unbelievable that she is the same catty.

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