The sweet relationships between a little girl and a dog, who just requires a friend to sit with her

It is important to have a friend to share your life with

The dog named Shirley had a difficult life, he lived most of his life on the street.

And the caring and affectionate woman adopted the dog and there he understood the importance of having a family. The family also had kittens, that are searching for homes.

Shirley treats the kittens as her own and allows them to sleep next to her. One day the dog’s owner came to the room and saw an amazing scene.

They saw an adorable relationships between their dog and a little girl, who was sitting against the glass door. And these two friends were so busy with their business, that they didn’t even notice the woman’s entrance. They spent almost 30 minutes together.

It became clear, that the dog only needs a friend to sit with. And before leaving the girl captured their sweet friendship moments.

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