“Everyone was against their marriage” The first couple with Down Syndrome who got married

✨They proved to everyone how strong and resilient their love is!😍 Tommy and Maryanne got married despite the negative comments because of their disability.😳😍Check out this article to learn more about this unique story👇

Tommy and Maryanne Pilling’s story reminds us of an undeniable strength of love and heartwarming resilience for each other.

Maryanne was born on May 17, 1971. Her mom and her sister adored her. Although her father was absent in her life, she never felt unloved.

Tommy was born on March 21, 1958, and his birthday coincidentally matched World Down Syndrome Day. Unfortunately, he lost his parents at 12 years old and spent his childhood at the orphanage. As Tommy did not have a strong family bond, he had a lot of tough times throughout his lifetime.

The couple met in 1990 while working in a local home’s kitchen that employed people with disabilities. Tommy was 32, and Maryanne was 19 when they fell in love. Maryanne smiles every time she talks about her boyfriend.

Moreover, Maryanne and Tommy have a lot of common favorite activities like cooking, listening to music, watching movies, and crafting. However, many people were judgmental about their relationship, criticizing them because of their disabilities. Despite the negative comments, the couple eventually got married.

Tommy and Marianne’s wedding happened on July 15, 1995. The ceremony was at St. Mary’s The Virgin Church in Essex. Moreover, the couple became the first married couple with Down Syndrome in the UK!

Despite all the hate they got, Tommy and Maryanne showed everyone the immense strength of love and commitment.

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