«This is the real me. Get used to it!»: Here is actress Lena Headey, Cersei from «Game of Thrones», after years

This is how Cersei Lannister from the series «Game of Thrones» looks and lives now

Perhaps, all of you will recall Cersei Lannister from the cult series based on George Martin’s novels. The charming gold-haired queen of Westeros impressed everyone with her charm and mysteriousness.

The legendary role was played by actress L. Headey who, according to many, doesn’t stand out from the other with her beauty in real life. Some are convinced that she has imperfect skin which can’t be fixed by a healthy diet or sports.

The Bermudian-British actress once claimed that if there was anyone who didn’t like the way she looked, they could easily unfollow her without thinking for a second.

In order to prove the entire world that she doesn’t take the criticism towards her appearance close to her heart, Headey appeared completely without any makeup with noticeable acne and crooked teeth.

Many are wondering why the actress doesn’t turn to beauticians or, at least, dentists. However, there were also those who were delighted with Headey’s natural appearance and the fact that she is not addicted to cosmetics like many stars of today.

«This is the real me! Get used to it, guys», she wrote to her haters and ill-wishers.

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