A Rescue Journey: Woman Discovers Abandoned Newborn Kittens, Fosters Them with Love and Dedication

Fostering kittens isn’t an easy task, but it’s truly important  🤗🥲

A woman walking with her dog discovered three newborn kittens in a parking lot. The kittens turned out to be abandoned and if not the woman, they wouldn’t be found.

And a cat foster mother named Nikki learned about the kittens and immediately went to take them. The kittens were very frozen and she needed to use her car air vents to warm them up.

The next day the kittens were still cold, but they managed to survive the night. They were very little and could fit in the palm of Nikki’s hand. She was worried, that they weren’t going to survive, but she also considered giving them the best possible chance in life.

And especially one of them was in bad condition, as she was losing weight and couldn’t feed by herself. And the woman considered to tube feed the kitty, until she was able to bottle feed.

Nikki started celebrating all the little things, that happened in the kittens’ lives. She celebrated when they first opened their eyes, when they began to groom and even when they reached a particular size and weight. She loved them endlessly and inexplicably.

And thanks to this video we understood the nuances of being a foster mother. Many people couldn’t do it, as it was hard for them to say goodbye to their already loved pets, but Nikki told, that it was the tears of happiness for the kittens.

She was sad, that the kittens left her home, but also she was absolutely happy for them, that they got loving homes. And so she could rescue and foster other kittens, that needed her assistance and love.

People like Nikki are real heroes and we must respect them.

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