The owner said «I love you» to her doggie, and what happened in a few seconds was priceless.

It’s really not a coincidence!

Owners wish their pets speak with them or just understand their words, but not everyone realises what their owner says. They can do things which are not allowed to them, and it’s quite normal.

Maybe you never get surprised to hear a parrot saying any word, but you will be amazed to see that a dog or a cat does it.

Watch this video, where a sweet puppy is trying to talk with his owner.

At first the woman just plays with him, but the moment when she says «I love you» and gets a response from her pet is heartwarming. The smart animal answers «I love you» back to his mother, and of course, makes her indescribably happy.

Many people can think that it is just a coincidence, but the owner repeats it once more to make sure she heard it right.

This wonderful video has watched by millions of people, and it’s not surprising.

Watch it and you’ll understand everything.

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