Everyone thought he was apathetic and unemotional until the birth of the family’s baby

It’s love at first sight!

This adorable canine showed his real personality only after his brother’s birth.

4 years old Mosley had a difficult life, because he had to wander on the streets in search of food and a safe place. This lasted until he was adopted by a caring family.

At first, everything was unknown and difficult for him, so he was so confused and upset. This made his owners think that Mosley didn’t love them, but it was not right…

Despite his such a strange behavior, the family was so patient and they decided to wait. The response was not late…

When Mosley’s human mother became pregnant, he started to care of her as if he knew that she needed much love and attention.

After the baby’s birth, the doggy finally showed his real personality. He turned to be so loving and caring. It was love at first sight and a sweet relationship arose between them.

Now they are inseparable and enjoy to be together all day.

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