I never thought that the Brabant Draft Horses could be so Elegant!

Brabant , the Belgian draft breed, was specially bred to work with heavy loads, where haste and sweeping movements are extremely inappropriate just for security reasons. And when you look at a mighty horse with shaggy knives weighing a ton, there is no doubt about its strength. Imagine the surprise of people at the sight of Brabant in free run – this mysterious creature moves surprisingly beautiful!

We are accustomed to seeing them at work, and therefore we unwittingly give them the label of a “living tractor”. This is true, but the brabant Buffalo van’t Zwaluwnest breaks all the existing  stereotypes. He is deservedly called one of the largest horses on the planet and is not so much exploited to carry heavy loads, and therefore the huge handsome horse has the power to frisk on the field. And he knows that the audience admires him – the giant is very impressed and the horse tries to show everything what is he capable of.

Words are superfluous here, just let the roan horse stretch its huge, powerful body and it will show what is a gallop and a gait “like an adult”!

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