The caring mother kitty, who had motherly instincts toward the newborn puppy

The heartbreaking tale of a newborn puppy, who was abandoned by a mother

There is a saying, that puppies and kitties are unable to be friends, but it appears to be false. They can be friendly and affectionate.

The owner considered transferring the newborn puppy to the mother cat, after the mother puppy left her child. The kitty and the puppy delivered their babies almost at the same time.

The owner covered the puppy in a blanket and placed him into a cardboard box with a kitty and her baby. As newborns are very weak and unable to control their body heat, they must spend their first days with their mother.

The owner considered not putting the puppy in the box immediately. She considered giving them some time to get to know one another. The mother kitty was at first amazed. She sniffed the newborn puppy.

She immediately had motherly instincts toward the puppy and she let the puppy stay with her kittens. It was a very heartbreaking and awesome scene. They continued to live together and the mother cat cared for both her kittens and the puppy.

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