The daughter wrote a funny letter for his father to remind him about important things in life

A stressful joke for the father. The daughter wrote a touching letter

Parents always worry about their children and they want the best for them. And especially when they become teenagers they can stay out late or do crazy things and parents worry for them so much, that they can react differently.

The most important thing for parents is the health and happiness of their children, but sometimes you want to know what they are doing when they are with friends. They should be responsible for their schoolwork.

The story is about a father, who was looking for his daughter, but discovered a very worrying letter written by her.

Steven was searching for his daughter in the house to ask her to go for some ice cream, as his favorite team lose last night. A few hours ago his daughter was at home, but now her shoes weren’t there.

He went to the girl’s room and found a letter on her bed.

There was written:

«Dear Mom and Dad

I didn’t want to tell you like this, but I’m moving to my boyfriend Muhammad.

He’s my real love and I especially adore his piercings, tattoos, scars and his big motorcycle.

And also I’m three months pregnant and we plan to live in his trailer and he says he wants many kids. And most importantly we’re considering getting married next week!

He also thought me, that weed isn’t so bad and we are growing them, almost 17 plants behind our trailer. He will use it with his friends and they will give us as many pills as we want.

And I also hope, that they soon will find a treatment for herpes and Muhammad will recover. And also Muhammad’s friends Juan and Stanislav are engaged in the movie business and they have suggested me to become an actress!

The job is really good and they pay a lot of money. I’ll get 50 dollars for every episode and also another 50 if there are more than three men in the same scene. Don’t worry about me, I’m already 16 years old and can look after myself.

So next time you’ll see your grandchild.»

P.S. Dad, it’s just a joke. I just went to Emma’s house to watch some TV. I just wanted you to know, that there are other more important things than The Patriots losing to Th Eagles!

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