«Beauty was different in the 1980-90s!»: These are archive photos showing what today’s legendary women looked like in youth

Let’s compare what our favorite beauty icons looked like in the 1980-90s and now

When one looks at these archive photos of today’s legendary celebrities, it is hard not to admire their unearthly beauty, charm and femininity. Sometimes, it is even impossible to recognize them as their appearance has undergone radical changes.

There is no denying that some of them have changed beyond recognition either due to age-related changes, or the intervention of plastic surgeries and other beauty procedures.

C. Cox

H. Berry

H. Hunt

M. Bellucci

F. Janssen

N. Watts

J. Love Hewitt

R. Pike

K. Holmes

K. MacDonald

F. Duhamel

M. Bialik

P. Cruz

Z. Deschanel

S. Miller

Z. Kravitz

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